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What watch does Omega watches ambassador Nicole Kidman wear?

Nicole Kidman has devoted herself to acting from a very early age. In 2003 she has won an Oscar for her role in Virginia Wolf’s The Hours. A brilliant movie about an old and traditional housekeeping. As an Actor she has a wide base of fans. Alongside her acting career, she is a tireless campaigner for […]

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What watch does Jon Hamm wear at the cover of Rolling Stone?

In the april 2013 issue of Rolling Stone, Jon Hamm (also known as: Don Draper) wears a classic black dial watch. This watch must be one of his own collection bacause its a vintage Omega Seamaster. You can’t buy anything similar new nowadays. As you can see from the still of the series the watch […]

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What watch does Michael from Vsauce wear?

Like a lot of other people I like the video’s from Vsauce. Michael has a way with words and expressions that makes watching fun while learning about a wide variety of topics. I really like watching Vsauce over at Youtube. What If The Sun Disappeared? In one of the latest episodes: “What If The Sun […]

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What watch does harvey specter wear?

Suits Character Harvey Spector

Take one college-dropout, Mike Ross. Combine him with one of New York City’s best lawyers, Harvey Specter. And you have a brilliant new TV-Series called Suits. The lawyer, Harvey Specter, played by Gabriel Macht gets much attention by style guides such as Black Lapel and the Celebrity Suitshop. We however are primarily concerned with his […]

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