What watch does Gabriel Iglesias wear?

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You got to love Gabriel Iglesias! I haven’t discovered Gabriel that long ago, but I’ve seen almost all of his footage and find his humor very refreshing. In my humble opinion he’s a very clean comedian that never needs to get insulting or bad-mouthing particular groups in order to be funny. If he does, he’s very apologetic but not to a point that he lets it ruin the joke.

At YouTube there’s a lot of footage form his “Hot & Fluffy comedy special”. In this footage he’s wearing a Beurer Heart Rate Monitor. The paricular version he’s wearing (PM 16) seems to be a bit older because it can only be found at Beurer.com. The other one’s are available at Amazon.

If you’d like to by some of his video’s at Amazon, check this out! Below are two of my favorite bit of his:

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