What watch would you buy if you were given $1500?



What watch to getOkay, it is time to get a little bit more acquainted – lets’ imagine you were walking by a fancy jewelryshop and the moment you walk by the owner of the shop runs out. He races up to you and says – ‘it’s your lucky day – I’m going to give you anything in my shop up to the value of $1500′!

You’ve got an hour to choose what you want, it has to be a wristwatch. It can be any type that you like. Or even multiple  if the price does not exceed that 1500 dollar mark! What is the brand / type you would get?

Lets use the prices at Amazon’s watch shop as a guide (their store serves most watches in one place) but don’t get too caught up in the details – really I’m asking what watch you’re currently want the most!

Let me know what you like in the posts below!

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