What watch does Ray Donovan wear?

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Leiv Schreiber playes the role of Ray Donovan in the TV-series: Ray Donovan. Ray is the go-to-guy for the rich and famous of this planet. His clients reside in and around L.A. and they are eager to call Ray whenever they are in trouble. Whatever it is, Ray can and will solve that problem.
Having watched several episodes, I’m pretty sure he’s wearing an Omega Seamaster. The exact type has been hard to spot, but I think it a 2264.50 series.

I always wonder if the watches that are worn by actors are their own or if they get those to wear as props. I’m aware that that will vary upon each and every occasion, but I’m on the hunt in order to get a name of one of those watch specialists that advice actors and actresses upon what to wear for the caracter they play. I’ll keep you posted upon this progress…

Ray Donovan - Liev Schreiber

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