What watch does Robert Redford wear in All is lost?

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I find myself comparing this movie with other great movies in which a famous actor find himself in a situation which seams hopeless. There’s no possible rescue in sight. They are really left to their own devices and resourcefulness. ‘All is lost‘ has added itself to that list. Robert Redford, playing the seasoned sailer ‘Our man’ set a single play tour the force. And I really enjoyed it! Being hit by an other ship Our man is struggling in order to survive his sailing trip.

In the movie, Robert Redford is seen wearing a Seiko watch. It is SKX series Divers watch and has a distinct red/blue bezel. The other distinction is the black rubber strap it has. Some of the Seiko SKX series have a metal bracelet. Having a rubber one though makes more sense for a sailer in my opinion.

I think All is lost can be compared to Tom Hanks’ Cast Away and even Tom Hanks’ The Terminal. Of course, that last one has a lot more cast. But the fact remains that it is about a man finding ways to survive his immediate surroundings while trying to get to a save haven. Well, that my opinion at least…

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