What watch does Sean Spicer wear during his briefings?

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Well, you gotta hand it to the guy… In my eyes he has very unpopular job of explaining the mysterious ways the U.S. administration works nowadays. As we all know the U.S. is under new management and Sean is the new Press secretary of the Trump Administration. Which took office this last January 2017. I will not be venting my political idea’s but it’s fair to say that I’ve been following the U.S. news more closely than ever before.

Sean Spicer FitbitThat is why Sean Spicer caught my eye and the watch/bracelet he seems to be wearing as of late. It has a black strap and something gold like as a case. There are little or no pictures in which it is clearly visible. But there is a lot of footage in which Sean appears so it wasn’t that difficult to see or guess what it is he’s wearing: a Fitbit Charge (2 probably). And I don’t blame the guy. Keeping your heart-rate in check while addressing the nations press is no easy feat.

The Fitbit is a Fitness Wirstband and the first of its kind at this website. The last couple of years these type of watches/wristbands have moved up in the world and really have made a difference in the world of watches. A lot of people that wish to have a bit more information about their daily activities use them. Including myself. Fitbit is one of the brands which have a wide range of products in this niche and is doing quite well for themselves. I’m not surprised mr. Spicer went for this brand in order to keep an eye to his daily health statistics.

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