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What watch does Chris Martin of Coldplay wear?

Coldplay…. Hearing Don’t panic or Shiver of their ‘Parachutes’ album always brings me back to that sunny summer of 2001. Spending about three weeks at Crete in the Mediterranean Sea. Sunny days and happy nights staying at one of the most beautiful spots at the island! High up on the mountain there were three houses […]

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What watch does Pharrell Williams wear?

It is hard to avoid Pharrell Williams these days. Not that I want to particularly, but for someone who is that divers in his skill-set he seems to be doing very well at a lot of different area’s of expertise. Lately he’s been having a lot of success with the latest Daft Punk album, Random […]

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What watch does Angelina Jolie wear as Tomb Raider?

As a child I loved playing the games of Tomb Raider on my PC. Back than she wasn’t at all curvy like in the later versions of the game. Let alone the curves she got when the series where taken to cinema! Angelina Jolie as Tomb Raider. Who could have know… But I get it, […]

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What watch does Eminem wear in Berzerk?

I’m not a particular fan of the rap/hip-hop scene. Eminem however made a big difference by making a name for himself in a manner that hasn’t really been seen before in that scene. After releasing his independent debut album Infinite in August 1996, Eminem rose to mainstream popularity with the release of his February 1999 […]

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What watch does Katy Perry wear in the part Of me clip

Kate Perry

Katy Perry, her official name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (born in Santa Barbara, october 25, 1984) is a American singer/songwriter, actrce and gitarplayer. In 2008 & 2009 she presented the EMA’s. Although the had a gospelalbum out in 2001 under her own name Kate Hudsen, she broke through with the number I kissed a girl […]

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What watch does Justin Bieber wear?

Famous Justin Bieber is a young Canadian pop-R&B singer who rose to instant fame after being discovered on YouTube in 2008 by Scooter Braun. Shortly after he got a record contract with Usher’s label. Justin Bieber (1994) released his very first album (My World) in 2010 and went on two tours already. Of course Justin […]

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