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What watch does Max Verstappen wear?

In this picture Max Verstappen wears a TAG Heuer Monaco Titan ‘Limited Edition’. The Swiss watchmaker has had a long relationship with the Formula One world and since 2016 they are a partner of the Red Bull Racing team. Exclusively for Max Verstappen en the return of the Monaco Grand Prix in 2021 the classic […]

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What watch does Cristiano Ronaldo wear?

With the 2014 World Soccer Cup ahead I though of getting to know several famous sportsmen and their watches. We start of with Cristiano Ronaldo, currently playing at the forward position at the Spanish soccer club Real Madrid. He’s of Portuguese origin, an excellent player and also known for his eye for fashion. Ronaldo opened […]

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What watch does Lance Armstrong wear?

Lance Armstrong is seen wearing several kinds of watches. One of which is the Nike Lance 4 Titanium Cycling Watch. This watch is a bit older and isn’t available anymore as a new watch. One may find a piece at Ebay or something similar. Another watch he’s wearing is harder to recognize. I’m not totally […]

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