Some watches I own

As with most things in live, the watches I own were found by accident. I’ve never been looking for any one of them. They just apealed to me the instant I saw them.

The First one is a Baume et Mercier Hampton Quartz Chronograph. It is almost ten years of age and was bought as a gift to myself (sort of) to wear upon my wedding day. The black dail and lightgray subdails make it look very distinctive. The second and third both were birthday presents from my wife. As you can tell I really like the classic dail kind of timepieces. Digital watches are less appealing to me, although there a a few very nice ones out there. Of these two I really prefer the Calvin Klein. It has a very clean, subtle look and really fits a casual outfit. The Diesel DZ1090 is a bit less subtle and slightly more rugged.

The first two watches aren’t available for sale any more. The links will guide you towards their successors. The Diesel however is still for sale.

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