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What watch is Frank Underwood wearing?

Oh… I really like the new series of ‘House of Cards’ at Netflix. The new, second season has only begun last friday (14th of february) and it again has me at the edge of my seat. Frank however is wearing a different watch now and again. And I haven’t yet figured out what type of […]

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What watch does Louis CK wear?

Just recently I’ve watched some of Louis CK’s shows. I’ve never really took the time to watch him before for no particular reason but I really seemed to be missing out. God, that guy is hilarious, he became one of my favorite comedians overnight! Somewhat rude and racist at times, but really funny! Anyway, the […]

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What watch does Kevin Spacey wear as Frank Underwood in House of Cards?

Update: the second season has begun. Help me figure out what the other watch is Frank Underwood is wearing.  Frank Underwood is the House Majority Whip whom President Garrett Walker passed over for the position of Secretary of State, causing an angered Frank to seek vengeance. Along with Doug Stamper, Frank’s assistant, he slowly began […]

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